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Black Angel

Read Chapter One (27.2 KB)

They called her The Bride. Wearing a wedding dress and matching veil the color of ivory, she floated through Hell’s Kitchen like a specter. Click "Black Angel Chapter One" to read more!

Other Works

Sinner's Ball
Private investigator Jackson Steeg has a new client—his mobster brother, Dave, who’s in deep trouble after a suspicious fire in one of his warehouses leaves half a dozen charred corpses in its wake.

Old Flame
“Dark streets. Darker Secrets. Jackson Steeg thought he’d finally but all that behind him.
He was wrong.”

Family Matters
Jackson Steeg is on the skids. He’s under suspension for pushing his notions of fairness and loyalty a step to far. Steeg’s life suddenly changes when the body of a young woman – the daughter of a prominent sociallite murdered twenty years ago - is found in the apartment below his.