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Black Angel

Retired NYPD Detective Jackson Steeg returns in a harrowing new thriller from the Shamus-Award winning author, Ira Berkowitz.

They called her The Bride. Young, homeless, and wearing a tattered wedding dress and veil matted with grime, she floated through the streets of Hell’s Kitchen like a spectre. Until she wound up dead.

To everyone, including the NYPD, she was a throwaway. But not to Steeg. Her life was a nightmare, but her death demanded justice. There had to be a balancing of the books.

But with Steeg nothing is easy. His search for The Bride’s killer is filled with blind alleys and potholes, but ultimately leads him to a vast international conspiracy that almost costs him his life.

Black Angel is the fourth book in the critically acclaimed Jackson Steeg Mystery Series, and shows once again that Ira Berkowitz writes “tightly written, deftly plotted gems of crime fiction.” -- Booklist